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Job Title

Graphic Design and Marketing Intern at Flexa USA


Corporate/Brand Design l Illustration l Email Marketing l Ad Design

NewsLetter Design


Flexa is a Scandinavian furniture company that produces children’s furniture that will follow the children throughout their growth and help children through imaginative play. 

Target Audience

Parents between the ages of 25-45

Fathers Day Illustration

Design Problem

My objective for this internship was to create assets for Google Ads, create email newsletters, and design social media stamps, animations, and graphics for the Flexa USA Instagram to drive sales. The designs had to be appealing to parents with young children. 

Design Process

I sketched out all my ideas and then created the designs using InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator depending on if I was designing a stamp, Google Ad image, or newsletter. I also used CSP for all my holiday illustrations.

Instagram Story Designs

Design Solution

Every design had to follow the Flexa brand identity guidelines. The Flexa brand uses soft muted colors and uses specific colors for different furniture collections. My designs had to fit into Flexa's aesthetic and appeal to their given demographic. 

Back To School Illustration


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects,

Adobe photoshop, Clip Studio Paint

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