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Project Title

I RISE PRESS, Business System Design


Corporate/Brand Design  

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Case Study

I Rise Press is a publishing company inspired by Maya Angelou that focuses on publishing Black authors with a special focus on female authors.

Target Audience

20–35-year-olds, college students to adults who are socially active, POC, intellectual young adults who read a lot


Design Problem

To create a company based off a famous historical person and design a corporate identity package for the company’s brand

Design Process

I researched Maya Angelou and created visual inspiration boards. I created the company and the company's adjectives. I designed the branding material and created posters and websites for a book signing event.


Design Solution

The main solutions I had to solve were how to make the branding material fit the company and how to designed it so they look like they’re for the same brand. I solved this by carefully choosing a color palette and made sure to use the company’s goals in all my design choices.



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

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Project Sketches:

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