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Project Title

Into The Forest Typography Covers


Print l Book Cover Design


Case Study

This is a book cover redesign for the novel Into the Forest By Jean Hegland. Unlike past covers that depicted the two sisters, I focused on the forest. I also modernized the cover by focusing on the typography and designing the illustrations specifically to interact with the type.

Target Audience 

New readers between the ages of 16 and 25, primarily female. Fans of Into the Forest/fans of Jean Hegland.

open inside cover mockup.png

Design Problem

To update the cover of a novel that already exists with a primarily typographical cover.  

Design Process 

I wanted to stick to the theme of the forest since it's such a large part in the story. After sketching my idea and searching for appropriate typefaces, I digitally drew lines of trees and plants to connect to calligraphy and serif typefaces. I also included a re-release poster for the novel's new covers.

insidepagestart of ch.png

Design Solution

I designed the covers and pages with the forest in mind, because the forest plays a huge part in the novel. Because of this I used a calligraphy typeface for some parts of the novel. Also, because it's a forest the color palettes of all the covers I created were forest greens and browns. I connected the front design to the spine and back cover with vines breaking through the spine to reach the back, like how real overgrown vines reach for the next thing to attach onto. 

fhgshsggsdhgsdhgsdh postermockupidk.png


Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint  

acknologements inside mockup.png
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