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Project Title

Morton Salt: Re-brand and Timeline


Business icon set l Infographic l logo design


Case Study

Morton Salt Timeline is an infographic I created made from icons that tells a few of the major events during the history of Mortal Salt as a company. The logo on the infographic is also redesigned.  

Target Audience

Consumers of Morton Salt who enjoy learning history.


Design Problem

To redesign a company logo and create business icons that will fit into an infographic about the company.   

Design Process

Morton Salt has been using the same image of a girl for decades so I chose to give the Morton Salt brand a sleeker modern look. Morton Salt has a multi page timeline on their website so I designed the infographic to be a one page scrolling timeline instead. I designed the business icon-set to be salt related so that it fits the idea of a salt company. I also made the infographic salt related.

maybe test icons-.gif

Design Solution

This infographic is designed to showcase the company icons and redesigned logo. The main solution I had to work through was which events on the timeline to choose and how to design simple icons that tell what’s happening without overwhelming the viewer and still maintaining the same branded look.  



Adobe Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop 


Project Sketches:

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