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Project Title

Purely Essential Fruit & Vegetable Wash


Advertising l Ad Campaign

magazine mockupad for camignFORWEBSITE.png

Case Study

Purely Essential Fruit & Vegetable Wash Ad Campaign is for a vegetable wash company made up of a series of Caravaggio still life paintings with the fruit and vegetable wash containers edited into the scene. 

Target Audience

Art history fans and adults who cook their own food, ages 30-50.


Design Problem

To design an ad campaign that edits real life products into three images using Photoshop editing tools.

Design Process

I used layer  masks on Purely Essential Fruit & Vegetable Wash containers and edited them with color balance, levels, and curves tool to match the colors of the painting. I added canvas texture over the containers as well to make it feel like they were part of the painting.


Design Solution

The main solution I had to work out was how to make the objects I edited into the images look like they were meant to be there. I solved this by editing with adjustment layers and texture effects and changed the light source of the objects to make sure it matched the light source in the original paintings.



Adobe Photoshop

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